Mexico 68

During the first week of January 2018, a group of people - scholars who are artists, artists who are researchers, researchers who write plays, actors who act-up, and a former political prisoner still fighting, gathered to discuss theater. Focusing on Mexico 50 years after the massacre of Tlatelolco and the student movement, the role of women in politics, the politics of memory, we decided to create a theater event that will premier in Mexico City October 2018 at the Centro Cultural 77 (, a community center in the DF.

This project is part of a longer genealogy of exchanges between people of Mexican descent living on both sides of the US Mexico border, very specifically, exchanges, encuentros, gatherings, and other forms of artistic and political solidarity. The team includes: “La Nacha” Rodriguez, Conchi Leon Mora, Virginia Grise, Valeria Lemus, Jose Balaguer, Alan Eladio Gómez, Maricella Infate and Michelle Tellez.

Until recently, the memory and story of 1968 has been overdetermined my male leaders - their actions and memories, and the perspective of UNAM students. Working closely with Ana Ignacia "La Nacha", member of the comité de lucha of the law school in 1968, survivor of the Tlatelolco massacre, and political prisoner, the goal is to tell the story of Mexican history through the lens of La Nacha's life specifically, and the transformation and changing possibilities that women created for themselves in the context of state and social violence.